Xref Fading & Greying

Fading visual display of XREF drawings in Civil 3D

Select the XREF and change and go to properties; Set the Layer to your new XREF layer (the one that’s locked) On the command line enter LAYLOCKFADECTL. When prompted, enter a value between -90 and 90, with 90 being the lightest. Note: The XREF will only appear faded in the onscreen display, making it useful for design work and presentations …

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AutoCAD 2019: Xref Fade Control – Cadline Community

7/10/2018 · To control the intensity of the fade, or remove the fading, use the following steps: In AutoCAD, open the OPTIONS dialogue box. Choose the DISPLAY tab. Located at the bottom-right of the dialogue box, there is a section called "Fade Control". Adjust the slide bar labelled "Xref display" to control the intensity of the Xref fade.

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Xref Fading & Greying

Xref Fading & Greying. An external reference, or Xref, is a reference to a drawing outside of the current drawing. As it is a reference it’s often subordinate to the drawing it’s referenced to. With ‘Xref Fade & Grey’ you can make the drawing graphically subordinate. In what way is up to you.

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2.15 How to use command xref fading in autocad

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How to plot faded xrefs or other elements in AutoCAD …

Solution: Using xrefs as the example, do one of the following: In the layers palette, for all xref layers, change the Transparency (for the entire drawing) or VP Transparency (for specific viewports) to a desired value (90 is the most transparent) and then when plotting, enable the "Plot transparency" setting.. In the layers palette within the viewport on a layout, for all xref layers, change …

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