Wipeout Not Working In Model Space

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5/24/2016 · It seems that the precise wording to your search is crucial: If you enter "My wipeout won’t hide stuff in the model space but it does in Paper space", that won’t offer you a fix at all. But If you enter "Wipeout Problem", that will eventually lead to the fix but it means pouring through pages and pages of unrequired replies.

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Wipeouts not working within a Viewport – AUGI

6/16/2006 · After these applications, the Wipeout area was not wipe(D)out again. When I switch to he model view, the Wipeout area was fine. Out of curiosity, I created a new viewport and found out that the Wipeout is okay. So the first viewport would not keep the Wipeout properties. In model space I "messed" around with the Wipeout to have it "disturbed".

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wipeout not plotting or previewing properly – …

9/10/2008 · we had this problem recently after creating a wipe out block , when we go to plot/preview the wipe out is not working , everything is on proper layer , set to print , works fine in model and paper ,only happens with the wipe out they we created , during preview/plot , any help or suggestions thanxxx

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6/13/2013 · The xref is on layer “0” in model space and my titleblock, annotation and viewports are in paper space (layout tab). I am using color dependent plot styles (.STB). The xref is a 3D model created with basic AutoCAD solids representing steel shapes, there are also some line segments representing the steel centerlines.

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I have a floor plan xreffed into model space, visretain=1 and i can see the room numbers. I switch to paperspace and go to layer properties and highlight all layers and then turn on all layers in he drawing and thaw in all three columns and still the room numbers do not show. The layer listed in model space

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Wipeout problem – BricsCAD Forum

I just checked using the current Bricscad release build (V9.2.11) and a brandnew user profile. I created wipeouts both in model space and paper space, and in model viewports in paper space. All have grips and function fine. If this is not what you experience with V9.2.11 then please file a support request and attach the drawing you used.Kind …

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Text Mask wipeout not working when plotting – …

9/19/2002 · When I use text mask in model space it works fine, and when I go to plot the drawing in paperspace, in print preview the text masks are shown as working. But wh Text Mask wipeout not working when plotting – Autodesk: AutoCAD – Eng-Tips

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11/2/2004 · Subject: Wipeout Command I have no problem getting the effect that I want when working in Model Space …. However, I do not have the same effect when trying to use it in Paper Space. Can it be accomplished in Paper Space or what is it I need to do to obtain the effect that I want?

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Tips for Using the Wipeout Command | CAD Tips

Before plotting, I make sure that the wipeouts themselves will not plot by using the Wipeout command, selecting the frames option, and setting it to D, Display Frames but Do Not Plot. Applying this command string to drawings that are received from other people prior to working with them is also a good idea, so you aren’t surprised by them later.

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2009 Wipeouts from model to paper space – …

3/12/2013 · First off, I am using ACA2009 I am having issues with the wipeout command. I can get my wipeouts to "read" correctly while in model space, but when I go to paper space the areas that were to be wiped out are not. It is as if the wipeout command is only working in model space and not transitioning to paper space. Please help resolve.

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