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AutoCAD Wipeout Command: Everything to Know | Explore the …

AutoCAD Wipeout Command: Everything to Know | Explore the …

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WIPEOUT (Command) | AutoCAD 2016 | …

Creates a polygonal area that masks underlying objects with the current background color. The wipeout area is bounded by a frame that you can turn on or off. You can also choose to display the frame on screen and have it hidden for plotting.

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AutoCAD Wipeout Command: Everything to …

What is Wipeout command? WIPEOUT command in AutoCAD is used to mask an area in a drawing. Whenever there are many complex parts in the drawing background and you need to hide them, you can employ the WIPEOUT command. It may also be used when only a portion of a drawing is of interest. Table of Contents (click to navigate) AutoCAD Wipeout command

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About Using Wipeout Objects to Mask Areas of …

Add to Collection. A wipeout object is a polygonal area that masks underlying objects with the current background color. The wipeout area is defined by the wipeout frame, which you can turn on for editing and turn off for plotting.

Source: knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad

Tips for Using the Wipeout Command | CAD Tips

Sometimes the blocks containing wipeouts will not plot as wipeouts if placed on the same layer as information you are covering. In CAD it will appear that the wipeout is working correctly, but when printed it does not.

Source: cadtips.cadalyst.com/object-properties/tips-using-wipeout-command

Wipeout command in AutoCAD – CadOasis

7/24/2016 · Wipeout command in AutoCAD. A closer look at Wipeout command of AutoCAD. Despite its great feature it always remained one the least used commands in AutoCAD. This command can be used in crowded drawings to mask the background and you can even create blocks with this command that always remain opaque to the background entities of the drawing.

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How to Select & Delete Wipeouts | AutoCAD Tips

3/10/2011 · Here’s how to select them: WIPEOUT <enter> F <enter> (for frames) ON <enter> Now, all of your wipeouts have a frame around them that you can easily select and modify… AutoCAD Tips helpful tips for everyday users

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AutoCAD How To Wipeout Circle – YouTube

3/25/2017 · 1. Create polygon object with a lot of sides2. Type wipeout (enter)3. Type P (enter), and select polygon object (enter)4. Choose Yes to erase polygon object …

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Solved: Wipeout frames visible in plot – …

5/1/2013 · Make a polyline around what you want to wipeout, select the "Polyline" option in the wipeout command, select the polyline and then choose "Yes" when it asks you to delete the polyline. See if that works.

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