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12/06/2018 · I’ve always been pretty happy with how my acad and acaddoc.lsp files are used to manage loading lisp files and setting variables. The acad.lsp is used to check and set environmental variables and the acaddoc.lsp for those saved in the dwg. Lisp commands are demand loaded from a specific folder and lisp functions through a separate folder.


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25/05/2020 · The other method is to hold control while left-clicking and dragging the tab to the left or right. This LISP file makes both of these seem very slow. I do use the control/drag method for one to two duplicates. But if I need any more than that then I use the LISP file. After launching the command, it will ask you to specify the page to duplicate.


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The lisp functions are suitable for geometry, accessing AutoCAD’s internal DWG database, or manipulation of graphical entities in AutoCAD. The properties of these graphical entities are revealed to AutoLISP as association lists in which values are paired with AutoCAD group codes that indicate properties such as definitional points, radii, colours, layers, linetypes, etc. AutoCAD loads AutoLISP


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06/07/2013 · A tutorial that show step by step how to add lisp files to autodesk autocad.and how to use autocad lisp commandsDownload the lisp files from


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3D Piping Autocad LISP , its been online for a long time so any piper in 3D should have it The LISP saves hours of work! a really useful replacement for the standard SWEEP command. The Command will create a pipe as 3D Solid based on the user input for Diameter.


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30/05/2012 · Other methods like using an acad.lsp or acaddoc.lsp will load all the lisp files upon each drawing that you open and depending on how many lisp files you have may be a little slow. First place your lisp files and button images into a folder that will be a stable environment where it will not accidentally get moved or erased.


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