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Architectural Drawing

Updated: Standard Text Height in Construction Drawings …


Updated: Standard Text Height in Construction Drawings …

10/04/2005 · From Michael A. Gilroy: For the last 25 years, 3/32" text height has been the preferred by every architectural office I’ve worked with. In all the "drawing standards" developed, it always came down to 3/32" text was more compact and reduced the visual clutter of the drawings. A side-effect was tighter sheets that fit on the next size down paper size.


Text Heights in Drawings –

6 randuri · 19/09/2020 · Drawing Scale x Suitable Text Height at 1:1 = CAD Text Height. Therefore, the standard


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Drafting Standards – Text Heights in Drawings – YouTube

18/05/2020 · #DraftingStandardsGood text heights makes a drawing legible. Too small, and it’s difficult read. Too large, and it is a struggle for all the information to f…


AutoCAD Text Scale Charts – Autodesk

ARCHITECTURAL The chart lists drawing scale factors and AutoCAD text heights for common architectural drafting scales. 1 1 1313131 3 1 64 32 16 32 8 16 4 8 2 4 1 All text shown in inches: (1/8 = 1/8"); (3 = 3"); (1 1/2 = 1 1/2"); (48 = 48"), etc… To get feet, divide by 12 Drawing Scale Drawing Scale Factor 1/64" Plotted Text Height 1/32" Plotted Text Height 1/16"


Standard font height and type for engineering drawing …

18/10/2012 · Prior to CAD, our hand lettering standard was 1/8″ text height to remain legible for half-size sets. After CAD was introduced, since the computer-generated, plotted output provided more clarity, we reduced our text height standard to 3/32″ to gain more real-estate in our drawings, which reduced sheet count in the sets, thereby passing more savings to our clients.


CAD Standards User’s Guide

All text will be in CAPITAL letters. Standard text height will be .130” (RomanS font) or 1/8” (Architectural font). Minimum text size is .100” (3/32”) for full size drawings. See Chapter 3. The paper size used for plotting will be 22”x34” (full-size) and 11”x17” (half-size). Border sheets are inserted at full size into drawing.


Standard Text Size and Fonts for Technical Drawing – CAD …

For a drawing to look nice use only THREE text sizes: Text 2.5 mm: for almost everything: Notes, Distances, Elevations. Text 5 mm: for drawing title, for axis numbering and lettering, for section letters. Text 7.5 mm: for drawing title, for axis numbering and lettering, for section letters.


AutoCAD Drawing Standards

All drawings are to have a standard text height of 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 5.0mm and 7.0mm and a width no greater than 1 at a scale of 1:1. For example a drawing drawn at 1:100 would have a text height (in Model Space) of 250mm, and the height of the text in Paper Space would be 2.5mm. A text height no less than 1.8mm should be used.


Architectural Drawing

•The drawing name, title of the project, clients name, and the name of the architectural company should follow with a letter height of 3/16". •The addresses, the date, and the scale should have a letter height of 1/8".


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