NX 2D Drafting : Create and edit detail views

Detail View Enhancement in NX 11.0.1

8/29/2019 · New "Clip Boundary" drafting preferences can be used to create partial boundaries when you create detail views. NX 11.0.1: Clip Boundary location in Drafting Preferences dialog If ‘Clip Boundary’ preference is not set in the drafting prefrences, it can also be set in the individual detail

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NX 2D Drafting : Create balloon symbols with leaders …

7/20/2018 · Watch NX 2D Drafting : Create balloon symbols with leaders – video dailymotion – CAD – CAE – CAM Tutorial on dailymotion … NX 2D Drafting : Create and edit detail views. CAD – CAE – CAM Tutorial. 1:09. NX 2D Drafting : Create and edit

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How to Edit Drawing and Title Block in NX 10

8/29/2019 · This is important because anyone who looks at the drawing will know exactly where to find specific types of information they might need. Today you’ll learn how to edit drawings in NX 10 with respect to the border, size, views, and title block. Let’s start with the drawing border.

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Making a technical drawing in NX-Siemens – Ship Lab

Home Making a technical drawing in NX-Siemens. … It is possible to create a 2D drawing from a 3D model using the NX Drafting application. In this basic example, we are going to use the 3D model on figure 1 . … It is also possible to add section views to better detail the model. This can be done through the button Section View, as shown on …

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About Drafting Views

In a drafting view, you create details at differing view scales (coarse, medium, or fine) and use 2D detailing tools: detail lines, detail regions, detail components, insulation, reference planes, dimensions, symbols, and text. These are the exact same tools used in creating a detail view. However, drafting views do not display any model elements.

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