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How to Set your mouse cursor to leave a trail on screen …

[resolved] How do you make continuous cursor trail? – osu!


How to get a long cursor trail in Osu! EASY …

11/26/2018 · CursorMiddle Download:



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[resolved] How do you make continuous cursor …

You’ll need to have a cursormidle.png on your skin folder (Mine is actualy a 1×1 transparent image). You’ll then need to go in osu! options, and set the cursor size to x2. This works best with corsor that are originally small otherwhise it willl have a smooth long trail but will be far too big.


[help] how to make a cursor trail longer? : …

In order for this to work you need to set the cursor size in-game to 2x and add the cursormiddle in the skin file, then open your cursor.png & cursortrail.png in paint.NET or PS and half their size for both of them. This should give a similar effect as the tab cursortrail but longer.


How to make long cursor trail? : osugame 7 years ago. Put a blank cursormiddle.png into your skin folder. Use this. 3. level 2. 1337n00b1995.


Cursor Trail – osuskinner – osu! Skin Generator

3. 4. Cursor Trail options. Clear Selection. Set Transparent. Current Skin Project. Unnamed Skin. 0 elements. Reset.


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