Horizontal/Vertical FOV Calculator

Horizontal/Vertical FOV Calculator

Brief table for calculating Field-of-View (Vertical …

The horizontal and diagonal FoV can be looked up in the above table. A lot of people claim that 90 degrees horizontal is a good FoV to play with, so if you want to get that, if you have a 16:9 monitor such as 1920×1080 you’d set the vertical FoV to 59, and if you have a 16:10 monitor such as 1680×1050 you’d set it to 64 degrees.

Sursa: https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/1xl1z5/brief_table_for_calculating_fieldofview_vertical/

Field of view calculator

FOV / Field of view / Field of vision calculator. It will calculate the least recently updated fov field.

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9/13/2019 · A command-line utility for calculating horizontal or vertical FOV values for a given aspect ratio. This is especially useful when tweaking the field of view value in various 3D applications, such as games. Usage Examples Determine the vertical FOV from an horizontal FOV $ fov 90h 4:3 Horizontal FOV 90.00° Vertical FOV 73.74° Aspect ratio 4:3

Sursa: https://github.com/Calinou/fov

Project Immersion by MrPix

629,585 in-game FOV’s have been calculated since July 10th 2014, which is an average of 314 in-game FOV’s per day! Today (GMT), 369 FOV calculations have been delivered successfully. With thanks and appreciation to Next Level Racing for their help and support …

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Project C.A.R.S. Field of View Calculator

FoV Calculator. Calculation method Estimate with monitor’s native resolution Measure the monitor Native resolution Monitor size in Inch. Monitor’s width. Distance Monitor <-> Eyes …

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