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AutoCAD 2013 :: Match Properties On Hatch?

11/30/2012 · AutoCAD 2013 :: Match Properties On Hatch? Nov 30, 2012. When doing a match properties from one hatch to another, I end up with two hatches having identical properties (pattern, scale, etc) but that look completely different. See the attached image. I tried the old snapbase trick and also tried various hatch origin settings, but without success.


Weird hatch problem

12/5/2013 · 1. Open attached drawing 2. Try to match properties of the left hatch with the right hatch 3. Undo 4. Match properties in the other direction 5. Why the results are not the same??? (expected result: 2 hatches that looks exactly the same) I use plain AutoCAD 2012, full version weirdhatch.dwg


CAD Hatch |AutoCAD Hatch Scale Problem

Problem. You have two drawings using the same hatch pattern name, to make the appearance match, one drawing has to have the hatch pattern scale approximately 25 bigger than the other. Solution. AutoCAD has two hatch pattern files.


to match hatch property but scale not match

4/30/2017 · If you have problem to match property to hatch, this below is how to solve the hatch scale to be match either.. 1. type measurement ↵ in command line 2. type "1"(if there is"0"in brackets) or type "0"(if there is"1"in brackets).


Reset Hatch Variables after Using Match Properties in the …

"The Match Properties function on the Hatch Creation ribbon or the Hatch Editor ribbon provides a quick and easy means of duplicating a hatch pattern already in a drawing. It does have one big drawback: All of the properties from the selected hatch are kept current after you stop hatching. … "This is not a problem if all that you need to …