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Illustrator will not open AutoCAD files saved in a version later than AutoCAD 2007. AutoCAD files include both DXF and DWG formats. You can import AutoCAD files …


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4/15/2018 · Software requirements for this technique:AutoCAD 2018Adobe Illustrator 2018 CC About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube


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1/24/2018 · My feeling is that the most current versions of AutoCAD and Illustrator CC are not compatible. I have repeatedly asked the architectural firm to back-save the CAD files to a DWG v2000 or earlier to see if that is the issue but I am not sure if they are not doing this or it is still not working.


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5/18/2010 · I try to get an EPS export from the CAD program first, if that export option is available, and bring it into Adobe Illustrator. This should be a standard for any CAD software. The next thing I try is PDF export and bring that into AI.


Autocad To Illustrator

Autocad to Illustrator – CREATE Prototype Lab The layers in Illustrator should match that of the AutoCAD file. 2. Open the AutoCAD file with Adobe Illustrator Open up the xxxx version file with Illustrator and the DXF/DWG option box …


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10/28/2003 · 1) from Illustrator import dwg file directly. 2) then make some necessary corrections and export drawing to psd. 3) open psd in Photoshop. That’s all. rgds, Wojciech Klepacki. P.S. I use AutoCAD LT but I’m sure this method runs on full AutoCAD too.


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6/7/2007 · you can literally copy+paste from autocad into illustrator. the lines will come in all grouped together so you have to go through the process of regrouping and relayering them, which isn’t bad as long you had all the layers as different colors.


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open the file in AutoCAD; save it as older DWG or DXF version, you probably have plenty of options to choose from, try for ex. 2010; check how Illustrator works now with it. If you are lucky, you have even the same layer structure and perfectly matching line widths. You may need to specify in Illustrator opening dialog the used length unit.


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