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31/10/2021 · Conceptually, a perpendicular line is a line that crosses through the original line at any point and forms a 90-degree angle at intercept. Since there can be an infinite number of perpendicular lines, calculating any specific line requires a point. The slope of a perpendicular line is the reciprocal of the slope of the original line.

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The calculator will find the equation of the parallel/perpendicular line to the given line passing through the given point, with steps shown. For drawing lines, use the graphing calculator. If you need to find a line given two points or a slope and one point, use line calculator. To find a slope, use slope calculator.

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How to use the calculator. 1 – Enter the coordinates of the point through which the line passes. 2 – Enter A, B and C the coefficients of the the given line defined as follows. A x + B y = C 3 – press "enter". The answer is an equation, in slope intercept form, of the line perpendicular to the line entered and passing through the point entered .

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