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perpendicular:y=5x+2,:x=1. perpendicular:y=-5x+2,:x=1. perpendicular:4x-2y+6=0,: (2,7) perpendicular:y=3x-2,:x=-1. perpendicular-line-calculator. en.

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Find the equation of the line. parallel perpendicular. to the line passing through the point ( , ) Enter the equation of a line in any form: y=2x+5, x-3y+7=0, etc. If you need to find a line given two points or a slope and one point, use line calculator. To find a slope, use slope calculator.

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The slope-intercept equation can define the line on a plane. Suppose we have two lines with equations and . For lines to be parallel it is needed that. For lines to be perpendicular it is needed that. This is quite easy for mental calculation, but lines also can be defined by more general form and . Then, for lines to be parallel it is needed that

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The procedure to use the perpendicular line calculator is as follows: Step 1: Enter the line equation and the coordinates of a point by which the line passes through, in the input field. Step 2: Now click the button “Calculate Perpendicular Line” to get the equation. Step 3: Finally, the … Sursa: byjus.com/perpendicular-line-calculator/ How to Find the Equation of a Perpendicular Line:

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First, we need to calculate the slope. From the equation a = -1 / m we get a value of -1/4. Next, we need to calculate the y intercept of the new line using the equation b = y₀ + 1 * x₀ / m . From this we get a value of 6. Finally, we need to put this all together in the form: y=-1/4x + 6.

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