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75 randuri · ALT+F11. Displays the Visual Basic Editor (AutoCAD only) CTRL+F2. Displays the Text window. CTRL+F4. Closes the current drawing. CTRL+F6. Moves to the next file tab. CTRL+0.



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75 randuri · CTRL+W . Active/désactive le cycle de sélection. CTRL+X . Coupe les objets du dessin …



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27/06/2012 · In the earlier versions of acad the "ctrl-w" toggled object snap tracking on or off, but in 2012 it is changed to Selection Cycling on or off. This is quite irritating, because I got used to toggle object snap tracking with it and still automatically use it for that purpose.



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DIST / Measures the distance and angle between two points. DIV. DIVIDE / Creates evenly spaced point objects or blocks along the length or perimeter of an object. DJL. DIMJOGLINE / Adds or removes a jog line on a linear or aligned dimension. DJO. DIMJOGGED / Creates …



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Ctrl+v Paste object Ctrl+Shift+c Copy to clipboard with base point Ctrl+Shift+v Paste data as block Ctrl+z Undo last action Ctrl+y Redo last action Ctrl+[ Cancel current command (or ctrl+) ESC Cancel current command Manage Drawings Ctrl+n New Drawing Ctrl+s Save drawing Ctrl+o Open drawing Ctrl+p Plot dialog box



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