AutoCAD Tip: Convert MTEXT to Multileader

Convert Quick Leader to Multileader?

Leader/text to multileader

8/30/2017 · I’m looking for a way to convert leader and text that is separate into a multileader where the text is attached to the leader. We just updated to new standards using the multileader and all the old stuff is not attached. I’m using AutoCad 2009. Thanks in advance.


convert leader to multileader???

7/6/2007 · Re: convert leader to multileader??? Originally Posted by ccowgill I was trying to get something, but it doesnt work for all mleaders, which I guess means it doesnt really work, that little tail thing is really annoying to try to work with.


Multileader Edit & Collect Command in AutoCad

7/30/2019 · Multileader Edit & Collect Command in AutoCad—– Diamenion


AutoCAD Classes Leader Shape with ToolPalletes

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Convert MTEXT into a Multileader

8/27/2014 · Summary: The ability to convert MTEXT into a MULTILEADER. Description: I would like to be able to convert mtext to a multileader by using the "ADD LEADER" button. How Used: Sometimes you have text that needs moved to a location that will require a leader where it didn’t before. If you are using multileaders then you would need to re-type (or cut and paste) the text into the new multileader.