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What is AutoCAD? | Key Concepts & Why You Should Use AutoCAD

But with the invent of AutoCAD, everything got simplified and easier. It is a powerful program used across the globe by engineers, architects, students, graphic designers, and even fashion designers. Understanding AutoCAD. It is a standout program amongst the most well-known CAD programs created to help the designers, engineers, and architects.


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30/08/2021 · One of the most useful functions of AutoCAD in engineering is its ability to provide a graphic simulation of how a constructed machine will


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There are three different versions in Autocad one you can use for Civil Drawings, One for Electrical Drawings including Electronic Circuit Designs and finally for Mechanical Drawings. All the above can be done with the Same Version of Autocad but may need some additional templates/files specific to the Domain Area.


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28/06/2010 · AutoCAD has developed further than just a 2D drawing application. The biggest advantage is when you use it as vertical product platform like AutoCAD Architecture. But in vanilla AutoCAD, you can also can impress people with the 3D capabilities. In AutoCAD 2011, you can show bump maps in real time. Shaan Hurley shows you how to do it here. Tip 65.


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13/03/2010 · Mechanical engineers use AutoCAD frequently in the HVAC and plumbing trades. If you don’t find yourself interested in those fields, you probably won’t be using that software very much. Additionally, most companies that utilize Pro/E or SolidWorks have legacy documentation that is in the AutoCAD format.


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