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7/7/2014 · Objects that are partially enclosed by a crossing window are stretched. Objects that are completely enclosed within the crossing window, or that are selected individually, are moved rather than stretched. Some types of objects such as circles, ellipses, and blocks, cannot be stretched. The following prompts are displayed.


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1/11/2018 · Click Home tab Modify panel Stretch. Find. Select the object using a crossing window selection. The crossing window must include at least one vertex or endpoint. Do one of the following: Enter the displacement in the form of a relative Cartesian, polar, cylindrical, or spherical coordinate.


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6/18/2020 · Follow these steps to use the AutoCAD stretch command. 1) Select this command in AutoCAD from the modify panel in the Home tab. Or type ‘S’ in the command bar and press the Enter key. 2) After the selection of the command, This command will ask for a ‘select object’.


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you can actually use Stretch in place of Move if you select the desired objects to move using a Crossing or CPolygon tool. If endpoints of LINEs & ARCs are inside the Crossing box these endpoints are Moved by the specified displacement. AutoCAD reconnects moved endpoints to Stretch the selected objects into a new shape.


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6/17/2017 · Learn Autodesk Autocad basic tutorial how to stretch multiple object by using mstretch command, check it out!!!Don’t forget guys, if you like our videos plea…


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12/6/2010 · move/stretch displacement setting. I want to move some linework using the move command, selecting a base point on the linework and then entering an X,Y coordinate for the final point. Some setting in AutoCAD, however, is automatically inserting an "@" before my entered coordinates when I hit return, giving me different results than what I desire.


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5/16/2019 · autocad提供了拉伸功能,命令是stretch,来进行图形对象的编辑操作,已达到想要的效果。 与cad的移动命令类似,在进行拉伸操作的时候,需要指定两个点作为基准点来进行拉伸操作。 cad拉伸命令启用方法. 命令行输入stretch,回车确认


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Prescurtarea (shortcut key) pentru comanda Stretch este S. Se poate scrie ca atare pe prompt-ul Command: si se apasa Enter sau Space. Comanda Stretch poate fi accesata prin apasarea butonului aflat in Ribbon-ul Drafting & Annotation, Tab-ul Home, Panel-ul Modify. Pasul 1. Dezarhivati si deschideti desenul cu numele “ 50.


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10/23/2018 · Stretch is one of the most important commands in AutoCAD. I just can’t imagine drawing without stretching numerous times a day. However, there is one great command that is included in full AutoCAD versions in the Express Tools pallet called Multiple Object Stretch.


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