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15/06/2015 · It may be due to the presence of malware or Spyware, running of too much software application, lost or corrupted files. Firstly fully scan the system and then restart the pc. If it does not work then Uninstall And Reinstall the Software you are using for making the drawing either it …

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20/05/2015 · Then try to open it in Autocad, a drawing will open and you can see what got saved. a logfile will not open. (hard luck). Best advice – get in the habit of saving more often, especially before you do something that you know may cause a freeze.

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When saving a file in AutoCAD, the file path and information appears in the command bar instead of getting the Save window dialog box. This also occurs with other dialog windows in AutoCAD.

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AutoCAD Cannot Save my Drawing! (5 Simple Solutions!)”

20/03/2018 · If you are still suffering and drawing cannot be saved, try using the command – EXPORTTOAUTOCAD to create a file that contains only native to AutoCAD objects. Autodesk also has a post about this issue that you can see here. In the end, if nothing helps you can try to Restore Previous Data and minimize the damage.

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If AutoCAD crashes while working with a specific drawing, the file may be corrupted (see How to repair corrupt AutoCAD files and Troubleshooting poor performance with specific drawings in AutoCAD). If the file is stored in a non-Microsoft network environment, move the file and externally referenced files to the local drive and work on the files from there (see Autodesk support for non-Microsoft network ).

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