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In AutoCAD 2006 and previous versions, you can cycle through the selection of overlapping objects by pressing CTRL+click. You can set the LEGACYCTRLPICK variable to 1 to restore using Ctrl+click to select overlapping objects: On the command line, type LEGACYCTRLPICK and press Enter; When prompted to enter a new value, enter 1.


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Selection cycling allows you to select objects that are overlapping by pressing Shift + Spacebar. You can control whether a blue cursor icon displays to indicate overlapping objects and you can configure the display settings of the Selection list box.


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4/30/2019 · Expand the Status Bar Customization menu, and you’ll find Selection Cycling in AutoCAD. Select it to make it appear in the Status Bar. Turn the feature on by clicking on it in the Status Bar. (You might note in the image below the improved blue “on” icon background in …


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AutoCAD Forum > Cycle through a selection of objects; Community Forums; AutoCAD Forum cancel. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for Search instead for Did you mean: …


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1/2/2011 · Posted on January 2, 2011 by AutoCAD Tips Another great addition to 2011 is the Selection Cycling (SC) toggle found on the Status Bar (drafting setting buttons). If you have objects that are overlapping and you want to select one of them, your only option was to hold SHIFT and hit the spacebar while hovering over the stacked objects.


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You wanted to keep the youngest object but it would have been selected for Erase if you did not use the selection cycling feature.. you were able to select the desired rectangle without having toZoom In close enough to select it (alone) with your pickbox.; Now you are ready to make an Array of the large red rectangle to match the rows & columns of the existing blue buttons.


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You can make meaningful selection sets using the quick select tool of AutoCAD. Let’s assume that we want to make a selection set of all the circles in the drawing which has the radius less than 25 units. To start type QSELECT on the command line and press Enter. The quick select window as shown in the image below will appear.


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AutoCAD 2013 :: Cycle Through A Selection Of Objects? Dec 6, 2012. I have an array of all the same block with a few attributes. All attributes need just slightly different data (like incrementing numbers). It is extremely tedious to select the block, enter the data, cancel the selection and then select the next block.


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7/10/2009 · If you want to activate window selection, type W then [enter]. Type it when AutoCAD ask you: select objects… Even you pick points from right then left, it will be window selection. 3.


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Selection – cycling through overlapping objects in AutoCAD 2007 and higher. The Ctrl+click selection no longer works for overlapping entities? Since AutoCAD version 2007, you can select from the overlapping objects with the new key combination Shift+spacebar (or from sub-objects with Ctrl+spacebar). The Ctrl-mouseclick combination is now reserved for sub-object selection on 3D objects (face, edge, vertex).