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How to turn off border around an image in AutoCAD …

07/02/2019 · Set the IMAGEFRAME system variable to a value other than 1. Type in IMAGEFRAME on the command line, and hit enter. When prompted to, type in 0 (if the border should be completely removed), or 2 (if the border should be displayed, but not printed). Note: If the changing the system variable doesn’t work, set the variable to 1 and then 0 again.


To Show or Hide Image Boundaries | AutoCAD 2016 | Autodesk …

To hide image boundaries, enter 0; to show and plot image boundaries, enter 1; to show image boundaries but not plot them, enter 2. … AutoCAD Architecture 2016, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016, AutoCAD Electrical 2016, AutoCAD MEP 2016, AutoCAD Map 3D 2016, AutoCAD Mechanical 2016, AutoCAD P&ID 2016, AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016, AutoCAD Structural Detailing …


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AutoCAD Image Border – Drafting Services

03/05/2012 · When an image is inserted into an AutoCAD drawing, it comes in with a border. The border is more properly known as a frame. I first became aware of the image frame when I inserted a company logo image into an AutoCAD drawing. The reason that I noticed the border was because I didn’t want it to appear when I printed the file, but it did!!


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20/01/2011 · Setting IMAGEFRAME to 1 makes frames visible again, and you can therefore select them again. But you don’t really want to keep switching between the two all the time when working. Setting IMAGEFRAME to 2 solves the problem – the image border or frame is visible in AutoCAD®, but is hidden when printed.


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27/11/2012 · The frame temporarily reappears during selection preview or object selection. 1 Displays and plots the frame. 2 Displays but does not plot the frame. 3 The settings vary for all objects with frames in the current drawing: images, underlays, clipped xrefs, …


Problem: Border shows around my image. | AutoCAD Solutions

19/09/2007 · Problem: When I insert an image i get a border around it. on screen it does not show up but plots on my sheets. How do I get rid of this border? Solution: Type: ‘imageframe’ -Select ‘0’. This changes the border visibility to off. The only issue here is you cannot scale it after setting this variable.


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