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27/04/2020 · Generally, to fill an area with a pattern hatches are used and there are plenty of ready-made hatch patterns available in AutoCAD but if you want to use your own custom hatch pattern then you can make it using a type of simple code and also using an express tool called Superhatch.


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(Available only when adding hatches from within the Hatch and Gradient dialog box) Switches from the Remove Boundaries mode so you can add hatch patterns again. Undo Removes the last hatch pattern you inserted with the currently active HATCH command. Settings Opens the Hatch and Gradient dialog box, where you can change settings.


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Done this with the "hatch" command you will find the various types of hatches in the "hatch patterns palette" in the "custom" window. For those unfamiliar with the procedure for inserting .pat files, you can follow the instructions on our page. "How to import hatch patterns into AutoCAD


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